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He’s no one too special but he doesn’t take no shit. He is always serious and will want to beat the shit out of anyone pissing him off. He grinds all the time and keeps it 25x4 all the time. You do not wanna mess with him. He probably has more money than you. He might be a hard ass bastard but he still got a soft spot. He will treat his girl the best and do whatever for her and will hurt his wallet for her. Khizar’s got the most swag in his school and the most haters. He isn’t one you’ll notice too often.
“He bought her a Chanel handbag for her Birthday!?!” “Oh she probably got herself a Khizar.

“Damn who is that?” “ Idk but he sure looks like a Khizar”.
“Omg Khizar”
by Grindybaby23 May 03, 2018
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the word meaning not very big, yet he is the hardest bastard alive he takes no shit,
he is good at evverything except pool janaid is just too good for him.
he loves usman too bits and can't live without him, usman's sexiness drags khizar on, he just cant get enough,, uh uh uh uh
khizar is shit at pool
by i love khizar khan x May 12, 2009
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