The Khazars were a Turkic people among whom Central and Eastern Ashkenazic Jews resided. While some Khazars converted to Judaism, most did not and remained in the pagan Khazarate religion. "כוזר" ("Khazar" in Hebrew) is not be confused with "חזאר" ("(c)hazar", "pig" in Yiddish)
Contrary to Anti Semitic myth, only 52% of Ashkenazi Levites are descended from Khazarate or Slavic men. The Y DNA marker for these men is R1a1a1 or R-M17.
by Nickidewbear February 8, 2014
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Yiddish word used to describe a greedy or gluttonous person. Considered mildly offensive among Jews; mostly unknown by non-jewish people.
1) The Khazar ate everything off his plate and began on mine.

2) The Khazar ate the whole bag of chips! Can you believe it?
by HarshawJ September 22, 2008
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