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When confronted with a great conflict, your goal should be to not only find the path of least resistance, but somehow run from the conflict in a way where you now join the conflict originally being caused. A lack of integrity & honor is common in those that search for this path.
John: So, what are you going to do about those bully's that have been hurting you after school?

Fredo: I think I have the answer, I'm sick of getting my butt kicked by those two guys.

John: I know, those Cartwright brothers are a mean bunch.

Fredo: I'm gonna ask if their family can adopt me.

John: What? What are you talking about, you have a mom and dad!

Fredo: I'm sick of getting beat up, I want to Kevin Durant-It, you know, like he did in the NBA.

John: Oh man, I dunno about that.

Fredo: I do.

John: You won't pick on me then, will you?
by Arco Hollywood June 13, 2017
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