Used in London, UK to refer to a wrist watch.
i moved to him for his kettle.
by LondonSlangMonger August 4, 2009
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When one is confused or, through some other reason, cannot think clearly.
Often used in conjunction with other scouse dialect to form phrases which may be confusing to outsiders
"Me heads pyarr kettled after listening t' tha"
by PurpleBin January 17, 2017
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A term well known in South West England for best describing a young male and female having anal sex.
"Me and this boy had anal sex last night"
"Eww you got kettled"
by PaddyPeacock June 7, 2009
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Oh for Christ Sake, does every word need to be a sexual inuendo? For that small audience even the most modest of social consciousness- Kettling is a tactic used by police to try to suppress peaceful demonstrations by corralling protesters and refusing to let them go.
At the 24 November student demonstration in London, police were kettling students, some as young as 14, keeping them in the cold until midnight. Shame the American media didn't have time to cover it....
by protester's dad November 25, 2010
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to incarcerate or restrain temporarily
Police officers illegally kettled peaceful climate activists at the G20 protests in 2009 to stop their gathering being "hijacked" by violent protesters from another demonstration, the high court has heard. --Guardian 23 March 2011
by garda March 23, 2011
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Kettleman City, California. The junction of Interstate 5 and State Route 41. In-N-Out Burger is the most notable landmark.
Gordo: Make sure you get at the homey in Kettles! We got some Moon Stuff and Water comin' through! Can't let that load get popped!

Twisted: Don't worry about Kettles, Carnal. Chacho is on it. Just drop that shit at the In-N-Out!
by ZXY&ABC July 29, 2019
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is defined in Magna Farta as "the state of being in dire, immediate need of a shit. From the fact that a metal lid placed over one's clackervalve in such circumstances would rattle urgently, and possibly emit a high-pitched whistle to boot."
At the G20 summit, the newsreader said that the Police had been "kettling" which accurately reflects the agitated state of the officers in the protest, so I am not surprised they were clubbing people to death left right and centre.
by bromp July 24, 2009
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