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A great Green Day album. It ties in with the other cd "dookie" because, as lead singer Billie Joe says, "When you take a s--t in the toilet, that's the sound it makes is kerplunk."
I picked up the Kerplunk album on vinyl yesterday at the music store.
by Haushinka November 18, 2003
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the sound of a huge shit hitting the toilet water after 5 days of constapation; a splash that hits your anus after dropping a terd
Maia wished she could go kerplunk right now but she's had one too many fudgepacks - it's stuck up there!
by Chris & Maia July 13, 2002
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A game where one climbs on top of the stall walls in a public restroom and takes a shit while aiming for the toilet below. Named for the sound a turd makes after falling 6 feet into a toilet.
Don't use the middle stall... I tried a kerplunk in there earlier and totally missed!
by JB123456 October 14, 2013
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Green Day's second album made after John Kiffmeyer left for only god knows after 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour came out. Also awesome has one of Tre's many songs on it.
Dominated Love Slave
me: I have every CD except Kerplunk I mean yeah I didn't buy 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour but I do have all the songs ^-^
Billie: well you want me to give you a copy?
me: SURE!
~I get Kerplunk and is happy ^.^~
by The CD Kerplunk ROCKS! September 02, 2006
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The noise your poop makes when it goes in the toilet.
That turd made a big kerplunk
by Mr_Chuckles July 31, 2003
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The second underground-label album by pop-punk group Green Day. Released in 1992.
Person 1: Have you heard that old Green Day album Kerplunk?
Person 2: Kerplunk? Never heard of it.
Person 1: oh, ok.
by Lizz|Is|Pyro August 25, 2006
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When five men have intercourse with five seperate partners, or perform dual penetration on a shared set of partners with one "odd man out", using one shared latex rubber glove as a prophylactic. The term is derived from the Mattel brand game, Kerplunk, which also involves many rods crossing, and balls dropping.
This weekend, Tom, Dick, Harry, Barry and I kerplunked with Susie, Mary, Annie, Liz, and Frank.
by Idle February 10, 2006
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