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A mohawk, but instead of a "real" mohawk where you shave the sides of your head, you just glue up the middle part of your regular hair so that it is in the style of the mohawk.
"There was a punk show tonight, but I didn't want to shave the sides of my head so I just made my hair into a fauxhawk."
by Haushinka November 24, 2003

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Used to describe someone who is very attractive and/or has tremendous sex appeal.
See Billie Joe Armstrong.
The lead singer of Green Day is delicious.
by Haushinka November 18, 2003

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A great Green Day album. It ties in with the other cd "dookie" because, as lead singer Billie Joe says, "When you take a s--t in the toilet, that's the sound it makes is kerplunk."
I picked up the Kerplunk album on vinyl yesterday at the music store.
by Haushinka November 18, 2003

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The lead singer and guitarist of the band Green Day. Also see "hottest man alive". His looks and voice are enough to make any girl (or even guy) melt, and it is also quite attractive that he doesn't think very highly of himself.

See also "delicious".
It was so hot outside today, it was almost as hot as Billie Joe Armstrong.
by Haushinka November 16, 2003

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Feeling as though you don't know what to say, an uncomfortable confusion and loss of words.
When someone walks in on you having a conversation with your unicorns. Anchovocity.
by haushinka February 18, 2012

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Derived from a Green Day album, the word 'dookie' also came to be a term of affection for someone.
I love my dookie.
by Haushinka March 08, 2004

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A mohawk.
"That guy from Rancid had one of the coolest 'hawks I'd ever seen."
by Haushinka November 24, 2003

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