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Normally a 12 year old who has never played a video game prior to HALO, and believes its the best system ever just because they think HALO is the best game ever.
I don't care if the XBOX has only 3 good exclusives....XBOX pwns PS2/NGC because it has better graphics !
by Ass Goblin February 10, 2005
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People who spend more time online defending a company other than playing their games. They tend to be almost as bad as Nintendo fanboys but very close. Some tend to be violent, creepy and wait in Best Buy parking lots seeing if people walk out with Xbox Ones and threaten violence online towards those who prefer another system over Xbox
Random gamer: I prefer Playstation over Xbox due to the exclusives, more horsepower , and its where my friends will go to
Xbot: God, you should just kill yourself, you obviously dont know what a real gaming system is.

PS4 fanboy: Xbox is so shit -lists reasonable arguments with a mix of fanboy talk-
Xbot: Dude, you are scum and I will pay for a plane ticket to take you where I live so we can fight. Vermin like you need your teeth kicked in.

-Xbot writes an essay on why xbox is the greatest-
Random gamer: Yo, why dont you play your games besides defending a company and hunk of plastic, fuckin Xbox Fanboy
by DementedPest October 07, 2016
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One who, most likely, does not have the mental capacity to learn how to spell 'consoles.'
Me: Oh, so you're an Xbox fanboy?
Dumbass: Yes, I am! *falls down, dead*
Me: Hah! Thats what you get!
by Du Rag April 03, 2005
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They say that the Xbox is the best console out there just because the graphics are the best. The Ps2 has the best games, and the Gamecube has the best exclusives. They don't understand this because their brain is way to small!
Halo pwns ALL bcuz It has liek pwn ass graphs WTF LIET!
by MMaRsu May 08, 2005
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One who supports the xbox for no apparant reason, without any proof. See also: dipshit
Andy is such an XBOX fanboy. He says Xbox is better than PS2, when we all know he is in denial.
by Ben Rust December 07, 2004
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