It is a marshmallows All natural. Project by Spring Barnikle. It was kickstarted September 4 2012 and was successfully funded October 4, 2012. They received $104,667 to make everything official and They are now selling the best marshmallows and it is it's own kind, nothing like it. Much Better than the generic marshmallow you get at any store.
I Backed up Kerfluffles Marshmallow! I am getting three dozens probably this November.
by Kerfluffles Backers November 12, 2012
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Noun, smaller scale FUBAR situation. A mildly annoying happening. A slightly fucked problem.
Well this report is quite the kerfluffle!

It's just a kerfluffle pulling these weeds.
by Kael_Smoothie August 03, 2020
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The act of holding in a laugh and it escaping through the nose usually making the sound of a motorboat starting or an old Chevrolet car. It's very painful and it isn't an 'on-command' type of thing.
Friend: u r m o m
Me: I- *k e r f l u f f l e*
Other friend: *begins to kerfluffle with me*
by T o e z October 07, 2019
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A mess of objects or scheduling that often results in chaos.
"Everything in my life is such a kerfluffle right now."

"Sorry I was late, my schedule is such a kerfluffle today.
by LesDiscordeCarter February 18, 2016
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