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Kerae. It is a unique and never heard of name. It is hard to say, but when you say it right, you will think its a beautiful name. Kerae is a girls name. She is Independent, Ruthless (sometimes) , Stubborn, Brutally honest, and Protective. She is all those bad things but she is also, Beautiful, Brave, Crazy Funny, Unique, Helpful, Friendly (sometimes), Caring (again sometimes), she is always there when her friends need her. She's not a lesbian but she doesn't really like guys that much. Yeah, she'll date 1 or 2 but she's not a relationship type of person. She's wild, and likes feel free, and not tied down and suffocating. Kerae is very difficult to understand, because she changes her mind a lot, and likes to do her own thing. She likes to Shake it up, and make things exciting. But most likely she is not an OUTDOOR person, she hates bug, she'll run. Kerae is the type of girl to fight off a lion, or swim with sharks, just for fun. The type of person to believe that Mermaids are alive in the living in the part of the sea that nobody visits, and to go searching for a unicorn because she wants a cute new pet. Kerae is the type of girl that you have to work hard to get with, the type of girl you want to bring home to your Mom or Dad. The type of girl that will challenge you, and push you to be the best version of you. Everyone needs a Kerae in their life.
Your life isn't complete you don't have a Kerae in it.
by ImperfectRae July 02, 2017
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