He is a person with a good personality and is kind to everyone.Kenton is funny and has a good sense of humor. He is cute and has the best hair ever . He will always find some good friends ever where he goes. I have had experience with someone named Kenton before and this is based on what I see him as.
Did you see Kenton in math class he looked so cute.

Look at Kenton's black hair it always looks good.
by Bruh_Unicorn June 24, 2018
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Literally the coolest guy u could meet. He’s funny and sweet and kind and pretty cute tbh. He gets everything and is always there.
Yooooo Kenton
by I hate spanish October 29, 2017
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The nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s always there and always has the right answers. He’s pretty cute. But he’s sooo funny, and always lightens the situation.
#hey Kenton
by I hate spanish October 29, 2017
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A man who drives me absolutely crazy in way possible! Sexy in everyway, smooth, smoldering dashing looks. A motivator, huge heart, smart, funny, creative engineer, an amazing dad, down to earth, would give a person in need the shirt off his back . But don't let his quietness fool you he is a BEAST inside the bedroom an WHEN IT COMES TO FIGHTING!!! He has boxed for many many years taking on others who were bigger yet he never backed down. He will have your back when your out numbered in a fight. He will not prey on the weak. He is one loving compassionate Hell of a man who I've ever met. Now don't lie to him ever he will hold it against you an things won't ever be the same as they once were. Show him you love him every chance you can, because he is one in a million an bitches are always knocking on his door wanting him. If you come across this man be open be honest from the start no matter if your afraid to lose him. An ALWAYS KNOW THAT FEMALES FRIENDS OR NOT WILL LIE TO HIM JUST TO GET HIM. I COULD KEEP GOING ON BUT KNOW THIS FOR REAL
Kenton A Man, Myth, Legend !!!!!
by StupidGirlFell4aboxxer December 8, 2021
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Amazingly sexy, down to earth, beautiful, hot, funny, SKINNY.
kenton makes drunk girls horny
by Michelle (Shelly) July 20, 2006
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Secretly Satan's child who is sexy, amazing, funny, skinny, weird, amazing in bed, NOT SINGLE, and a Jesus lover
Girl; dat Kenton iz s0 sxy.
Kenton; oh fo sho gurl.
by MrsEfron June 19, 2010
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Someone who pisses the bed over the age of 12
Did Timmy pull a kenton after all that rum?
by dragon44 June 13, 2008
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