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Edinburgh slang - arranging to meet up with someone and bailing at the last minute, usually through being all talk and no balls. Mainly used to describe male behaviour, Edinburgh version of pussy tease, also can use kenny ("I think he's going to kenny me" and kennying ("I'm kennying her").
Me - are you shagging Mark tonight?

K - No, he's just kennyed me.
by englishdonkey March 23, 2013
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1) one who doesn't seem to be around to much and or is missing a lot.

2) someone who skips or misses a lot of work or school to the point where everyone thinks they have died.

3) named after the famous cartoon character who dies in each episode of South Park.
"Tim's been pretty kenny'ed lately don't you think?"

"Kenny'ed all this week."
by Heart eater June 24, 2016
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