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The hottest bitch alive. Usually has amazing sexual skills. She will rock you.
Dude, I hope Kenley shows me her tits.
by laaaaney September 11, 2010
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Kenley, a girl is kind and very good looking. She can be helpful. She is also very nice and one day you might meet her. If so you should know Kenley is very talented and smart. She loves basketball and softball. If you fall in love with her make sure you know about her knee. Her knee went out of place and she had to gat a knee brace. I am making sure you know so if you do do something wild you could be careful.
Kenley is a great friend.
by Everything about a girl January 09, 2018
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The name Kenley is an English Baby name. He is from a kings meadow. He is very athletic, smart, sexy and handsome. He is known for his quickness and athleticism. He could grab all them bitches. Don’t worry he is not going to take yours. He is extremely good at sports and good in social studies. You should really get to meet him. He is a cool and chill guy. A Kenley could dance, he has swag and could dress. He also has and show respect to others. He is a really cool friend. He will always have your back and and won’t leave you. He is a very trusted friend. Kenley will always be there for a TRUE friend, no matter what
....."Oh he such a Kenley ”🤤
by Buddy boy March 15, 2018
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Kenley- a term used to describe a crazy rapping lover, who thinks their cool.
by Itslitkenle November 06, 2017
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