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Sweet and CJ's sister in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. She dates a Latino guy named Ceaser Vilapando. They end up getting engaged in the final missions, for he asks CJ for permission.
Look at the whore Kendl! She is half fuckin' naked!
by some mutha fucka March 27, 2008
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a girl who has the biggest heart. she’ll do anything for you. probably even die for you. shes often taken for granted but if you get the chance to know a kendl. take it. never let it go. kendl’s are drop dead gorgeous. she’s beyond perfect. they’re usually super sweet unless you get on their nerves. kendl’s have a bright sense of humor. they feel like they aren’t good enough but they’re amazing. they deserve the universe and nothing less. overall kendls are the kindest, smartest, most beautiful girl in existence.
an angel walks by
bystander: oh that’s kendl
by WinnieThePooh87 September 12, 2018
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