A young smart boy that is kind and loving and caring. Anyone would love to be around and hang out with. He is a friend to all.smart kind handsome
by Myrissa K. April 16, 2016
A ginormous person with a massive Penis with a very big trouser snake
Wow Kenai, that’s big -That’s what she said
by Kenai is cool October 6, 2018
Kenai, A small town in Alaska, about 2-3 hours from Anchorage, they have a Carrs-Safeway, a Home Depot, and a bulk grocery store called Three Bears, also a place called IGN Country Foods, with very low prices and awkward employees. Kenai is a good place to get one or more of the fallowing:

- Fish
- Alcohol Poisoning
- Rocks
- A fun time on a sand beach in Alaska
- Raped
- Roofied and Raped
- Ruin Your Life
- Find most any drug you'd like,
- especailly METH
1. Hey man, wanna go to kenai?
Sure I'm down to get raped!

2. Kenai? Isn't that that village past Soldotna?
by noobJAMES April 19, 2009
1 {Kenai} A small town coastal Alaska, one that is known for its salmon.

2 {kenai} A fictional character from the movie Brother Bear.

3 {kenai} The name of a male who is usually smart, kind, and is unmistakenly a titan that will eat all your friends and family. He's a cool one and if you find a kenai you should stalk him and try to become friends with him.
1. I live in kenai.
2. I love the character kenai
3. Im riding kenai!!
by Grixlr Johnson April 11, 2018
A person with an abnormally large penis and a massive trouser snake
Wow Kenai, that’s big - That’s what she said
by Kenai is cool October 6, 2018
A Kenai typically has brown fluffy hair and deep brown eyes. You will get lost in them if you stare at them for too long. His brown eyes are the key to his soul. And when you reach his soul you can feel a special warmth. You will feel so much love and care. You can’t really describe it. And his smile is just so pure and it makes you immediately happy :). Kenai is a Person who will take care of you. He will do everything in his power to protect you. He will climb mountains if necessary. He’s your yellow. He’s your savior. But he’s also a person who wants to experience things. You can’t hold them for too long or they will get bored. They want to have fun go on parties and live their life. And you can’t be mad at them. I mean they’re right aren’t they? You should live your life even if that means to let go. It’s better to never date a Kenai. The best is to be just friends. Because if you’re his friend it will be a long lasting friendship. But if your his girl/-boyfriend then eventually they will leave you because they want to live.

Kenai’s are great and I wish them all the best but at the same time they can hurt u without them even knowing...
I will never leave you- Kenai
by Trau me January 26, 2021
A very fat person who, if you insult him, calls you gay and/or tells you to shut up. Will also call you weird sometimes. On some occasions he can be nice though.
Guy: "Hey look it's the Kenai , sup fatty!"

Kenai: "Shut up you're gay!"
by Mustachlexicographer September 17, 2018