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Kenai, A small town in Alaska, about 2-3 hours from Anchorage, they have a Carrs-Safeway, a Home Depot, and a bulk grocery store called Three Bears, also a place called IGN Country Foods, with very low prices and awkward employees. Kenai is a good place to get one or more of the fallowing:

- Fish
- Alcohol Poisoning
- Rocks
- A fun time on a sand beach in Alaska
- Raped
- Roofied and Raped
- Ruin Your Life
- Find most any drug you'd like,
- especailly METH
1. Hey man, wanna go to kenai?
Sure I'm down to get raped!

2. Kenai? Isn't that that village past Soldotna?
by noobJAMES April 18, 2009
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A young smart boy that is kind and loving and caring. Anyone would love to be around and hang out with. He is a friend to kind handsome
by Myrissa K. June 08, 2016
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A very fat person who, if you insult him, calls you gay and/or tells you to shut up. Will also call you weird sometimes. On some occasions he can be nice though.
Guy: "Hey look it's the Kenai , sup fatty!"

Kenai: "Shut up you're gay!"
by Mustachlexicographer September 17, 2018
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Commonly used to describe child paedophiles, or to describe a slave.
Bro, you're such a kenai!
by Cood- Melvin Cood July 29, 2018
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1 {Kenai} A small town coastal Alaska, one that is known for its salmon.

2 {kenai} A fictional character from the movie Brother Bear.

3 {kenai} The name of a male who is usually smart, kind, and is unmistakenly a titan that will eat all your friends and family. He's a cool one and if you find a kenai you should stalk him and try to become friends with him.
1. I live in kenai.
2. I love the character kenai
3. Im riding kenai!!
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by Grixlr Johnson May 24, 2018
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Home of the world famous King Salmon.
Kenai is said keenie
I caught me a huge king salmon today on the Kenai river it weigh 30 pounds.
by Kenaicouple89 June 12, 2008
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