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A beautiful amazing girl, very crazy and bubbly… but can be annoying at times! Very easily fooled and a fun person to hangout with…!

Also very trustworthy and a very rare type of person to find!
Keerat is amazing!
by Artyty November 11, 2013
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Keerat person who has a fun and bubbly personality. She is very emotional and sensitive, especially with affairs of the heart, and she has a small group of friends that she can always count on. She will always be nice to you no matter what shit that you have put her through and Keerat is teased for her name but she will never hold it against you. Keerat can be very annoying and very persistent. She is one of those people that you can always count on and if you tell her something she will keep it to herself. Keerat is also very beautiful on the inside and outside. If you are ever lucky enough to find a Keerat keep her close because you can lose her very easily.

she is probably a big kpop fan
"You know that person is a Keerat."
"Keerat is a wonderful soul."
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by Miss BTS June 02, 2019
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Keerat is a beautiful human being. While most of the people think of it as a girl's name well it can be used on boys too. A keerat is multi talented in various fields. A keerat can play sports, excell academically and do all that you can think of. Girls die for a Keerat because of his great sense of humor and loving nature. Hanging out with Keerat never gets boring .
by 4206969420 February 10, 2020
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