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Keeras are a natural beauty, though they think they are the exact opposite. They're kind, gentle, but isn't afraid of going ninja on your ass. Keera is loud and outgoing, cusses frequently. She is not afraid to tell you off, flip you off, or just flip you. A Keera will love passionately but won't love easy, normally lies to herself about crushes, saying she has none. Very smart, loves to read, loves nature. Hates being alone or quiet, never stops talking. Even though she talks a lot, Keeras are great listeners. They love to help you through hard times and will do anything to help even people she hates. Is quick to hate and doesn't forgive easy. Normally are friends with many people but isn't considered popular. Amazing smile, great ass, dazzling eyes, voice of an angel.
"I wish I looked like Keera."

"Keera is looking fine today!"
"Bro, she always looks fine!"
by Mad Dog March 10, 2015
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A beautiful girl, and a poplar irish name that means lord. she cheerful and everybody likes her and she is unique and her own way. a girl with a lot of friends and possibilities,Keera's can be very hyper-active,funny,independent,courageous,and a boat load of to be around. plus they are great listeners and very wild, cute,and romantic/sexy too.
Keera you are an animal.
by PIKACHU102 July 25, 2013
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A female name. A variant of Kira or Keira. Women who go by this name are frequently beautiful and/or exotic.
Keera spells her name weird
by pseudonymer69 February 03, 2012
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