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Bringer of Chaos/Destroyer of Peace is the literal definition and what he is. A sociopath who while acts like he cares dose not.
"I declare world war 3," "You can't do that your only one person" "Good point," Stands next to other person "WE here by declare world war 3, I will let the new king tell you why" As Kazimir steps back and points to his friend for the Camera Crew.
by Jakeupjake August 18, 2010
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A general name given to someone who plays online (multiplayer) games unsuccessfully. This person never seems to be able to understand the main goals within a game, due to their foolishness. For example this person will shoot people on a skydiving game, skydive on Minecraft and build piles of care packages on call of duty.
Example 1:
Player 1: "Hey, come look at the house I built"
Player 2: "We're playing COD you Kazimirt"

Example 2:
Player 1: "Hey anyone wanna go skydiving"
Player 2: "This is Minecraft, you'll die of fall damage"
Player 3: "Just let him, he's a Kazimirt"
by slawitb0y April 18, 2013
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