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very diverse city in Russia. hometown to NHL player Alexander Burmistrov
Kazan is in Russia, and is located along a river.
by Super Swedes January 29, 2011
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1. The next time I see Judy, I'm going to kazan her brains out.

2. I can't sit down, Max kazanned my anus for three hours last night.
by Sammy Jenkis March 17, 2006
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A shot in golf in which the ball comes into contact with a stray can of spam. This incures a 2 stroke penalty.
God dammit! Why the hell did I have to shoot a fucking kazan?
by Gunoung7 August 23, 2004
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Fat drunkard monk. Capable of breathing fire. Originally chinese. Most dangerous hero from the dragon clan in Battle realms.
I sent my Kazan to single handedly take out a serpent village.
by ubifan November 13, 2013
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