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1) the funky stuff we need that makes everything worthwhile, spoken with enthusiasm or written with an exclamation point so as to make sparks erupt

2) a magical force stored in a container, usually a jar
I really don't want to do this work... I'm lacking serious KAZAM!

Someone pass me the KAZAM! I need some so I can kill a bunch of cooties with this hot poker...
by 12monkeys June 17, 2006
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a stupid gay retarded dumb shity gang
Kazam is filled with posers and a bunch of haters. Fuck KAZAM its all about BLOODY REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!fucker
by karina October 22, 2003
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a gang that's off the chain linked fence
"yo I heard Kazam is gonna be up in this hizzhouse so let's get the fuck out of herrr."
by Renizzles October 19, 2003
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