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An awesomazing, beautiful, rad, genuine, smart, smokin hott girl. A girl that loves music. She loves coffee. She is a muse. She's not religious. She believes in people. She loves animals. She loves unconditionally. For some reason she has a strong physical attraction for bearded railroad conductors and she likes the sound of the word "Moist." She's more than amazing in bed. If you happen to be so lucky to take a shower with a Kayt, she would be more than happy to wash your back for you. If you could sum up a Kayt in one word it would be: Rad.
Kayt: Hey.
Railroad conductor: Hey.
Kayt: I noticed your hat from across the store. Are you a train conductor?
Conductor: Actually, yes.
Kayt: That's hott.
Conductor: Haha, You're quite attractive yourself.

Kayt: (smiles) Thanks.
Conductor: I'll come back in a few month's and maybe we can get some coffee sometime and go on a nature hike or something.

Kayt: I would like that a lot actually.
Conductor: Ok, radtastic.
Kayt: Bye.
Conductor: Bye
by Trainbeb November 29, 2010
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Spaz on the outside, but calm on the inside. Loves to read. in to everything and anything that is music.
Kayt walked into the room with book in hand,music loud and a smile on her face, but we could all tell she was hurting.
by Lizibith February 21, 2009
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