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A Kayte is a great friend for those in need of friendship. She likes to be the very first person to discover the reasons why you are upset. A loveable person who will almost always put you first.She is a special person in the good way.
Bronwyn: " That girl over there is so friendly! What a Kayte!"
Kalub: " Yeah, I know, she always puts eachother first, such a Kayte."
by ILoveKalubFOREVER!!!! June 24, 2012
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A lovable babe that really cares for everyone. She has a quick temper so don't get in her way. All the guys check her out, because she's one sexy lady! Even they know they can't have her the boys are still charmed by her good looks and amazing personality. She's beautiful inside and out and you're pretty lucky if you get to know a Kayte.
Boy 1: Oh, look at that babe
Boy 2: Dayuuum. She's sexy.
Boy 1: I bet you in the dictionary you'll find her under babe-a-licious.
Boy 2: She's definately a Kayte
by Annymousee October 10, 2012
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A short, annoying girl who attempts to be like all of her other "Kennedys" so insists on dating older guys. Even when they only want her for easy pussy. A kayte generally has many girls who despise her, and tend to talk about her behind her back, if not, to her face. Kayte. Don't be one.
David: "Hey dude, i'm tryin to get with this annoying ass freshman tonight!"

Anthony: "Why dude that girl's a cunt?

David: "Only for easy pussy mah man. Only for easy pussy, she is a Kayte."
by b.I.G'09 May 29, 2009
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A person that's just everywhere and no where. Or a person that doesn't say ok just "kay" at all the wrong times.
#1 Hey do you know how to sew dude?
Can't remember.
Your such a Kayte!

#2 I wanna ask you something kay.

well what's that thing you do.
what sew?
kay yeah, you really can't remember how you know how your able to do it.
by maxMPpower August 01, 2009
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