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1: boy name meaning strong believer who never gives up on things and works their hardest.

2: a guy named Jayson accidentally called Kayson
3: boy that loves nature and climbing trees and exploring the great out doors
Person: why is Kayson always climbing trees?
Person 2: cause he is a wild child
by Tree of holes July 15, 2016
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Kayson is a female version of the name Jayson, which was created to combine the two names Kim - Jayson, to create a unisex nickname. In general someone with the name Kayson is an amazing girl, with the most incredimazing eyes. She has a great sense of humor, a gorgeous smile, and is very athletic specifically in volleyball, and basketball. Yes, she does have a hot body, and has guys falling for her from other provinces. A kayson is usually the most adorable when she's tired, and trying to stay up just to text you. Kayson is also known as the most amazing girl in our galaxy.
Jayson: I'll love Kayson forever.

Kyle: J-anal and I already have the details for the wedding, stag party in Las Vegas!

Jayson: As long as I get Kayson to myself on our honeymoon.
by Kayson's boyfriend January 16, 2010
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A strong mean kid. But deep inside he’s a good one that always wants to help people but never can. Kayson is a strong mean but nice guy name
He is like a Kayson
by Kay101son May 22, 2018
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