Kaylas tend to be goofy outgoing and absolutely weird and geeky! They usually don't fit in with most people and stand out in a crowd. They make really great friends, because they are loyal, sweet, kind ,and funny. Kaylas can lighting any mood no matter how dark it is!

A Kayla is a very beautiful outspoken girl who tends to be good at math and very focused on her adult life, even when all her friends are dating she still sticks by the boys have cooties rule! She likes to call people strange nicknames such as, chicken, pumpki and comoco.
Give up for Kayla because she's my bestfriend
by fangirl 24 June 20, 2016
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Kayla is one of the most gorgeous people in the world! They don't like talking about there feeling, but they are great girlfriends. They usually have blondish brownish hair with green eyes, they are tall of average height, with perfect lips and noses. Kayla's are amazing if u ever get to meat a Kayla, become good friends with that person, they are great friend and super funny and really goofy and Kayla's can get kinda crazy some time. Kayla's have great style. All the boy usually like Kayla's, they are just great people to be around.
Boy: Oh my god, her name is Kayla?
Person: Yes
Boy: I hear Kayla's are amazing.
by Maliki12356megadeamess March 12, 2015
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The most crazy and kick ass person to ever walk the face of the earth. She is the most amazing friend. She can be serious when it counts and crazy as hell when needed. She deffinately has her blonde moments.
Wow that friend of mine is so Kayla.
by Funkybiotch. February 3, 2010
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Amazing beautiful girl. Long brown hair. Her old BF dumped her and now wishes to go back with her. Kayla only dates boys from Pali. Very kind and sweet. Likes to cuddle and has great fashion. Very pretty and any boy that dates her will be glad to stay with her. She also likes to annoy boys.
by Warm2Luv August 19, 2016
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A girl who thinks she's trash. Has more guy friends than girl friends and gets so happy when someone says she's beautiful. Scared to date because she thinks she's not good enough and doesn't want to disappoint anyone. Cares for her family and friends but will tell you if your being a bitch.
Damm Kayla you look good in that shirt.
(Kayla) Runs away.
by FanGirl03 May 24, 2019
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A short girl with Brown hair and beautiful eyes. Tends to be hyper and sometimes shy. Doesn't take shit from anyone and loves her friends and family. Funny and confident. Has a lot if crushes but is loyal and a great girlfriend
Guy: wow she's really hyper.
Girl:oh that's Kayla

Guy:thought so.
by Alissa1232 February 24, 2018
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A beautiful female who is slightly goofy and really crazy in all areas of her life; never forgotten and always lovable. She can be extremely dirty minded, but can behave when told to. Always finds herself in the middle of the drama, and is normally the one to resolve it. She is one of those girls who is kinda chubby but doesn't care and/or embraces it. "Kayla is the definition of girl power" and you should be lucky to have her. DONT TAKE HER FOR GRANTED!
Friend: Hey i think that guy is looking at you
Kayla: If he wants to talk to me, he should talk to me
Guy: *Walks up to Kayla* i heard you and, your right, i should come up to talk to you so, why are you so retarded, you are so dirty, your a weirdo!
Kayla: i know i am dirty, and i am not weird or retarded i just have and unique personality unlike you
by Kazaaaaaa November 29, 2016
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