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Beautiful even though she doesn't know it and a great best friend, don't cross a Kaycie, cause revenge is her favorite game. However if you're lucky enough to know a Kaycie and be on her good side, you will have a great person to talk to about anything and party with. Usually with large, but perky boobs
"Wow, she's so pretty! and really sweet! Must be a Kaycie"
"Be careful though, I heard she can easily ruin your life"
by Kitty-cat September 07, 2013
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An extremely attractive girl who is innocent but still lots of fun. Often chased by more than one guy at a time and can be indecisive, which just makes her more attractive. often has pretty amazing hair.
Wow! that girl is really hot she must be a Kaycie.
by Red274 February 11, 2009
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A girl who is amazing in every way who is always fun to be around and is funny and kind and always knows what to say who is loved by all those who know her
That girl is pretty amazing she must be a kaycie
by BradPanda November 11, 2011
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she is an annoying bitch most of the time but she is truly the greatest friend you will have in your life, usually has blonde hair,blue eyes. she is a keeper. if you have a friend named kaycie,dont let her go. she is loyal,caring,gorgeous and just an all round amazing person. she may seem fake sometimes but thats just because she doesnt like hiding things from friends. she is a very straight forward person, she will tell you how it is whether it hurts your feelings or not. tends to be very tall and curvy. when she walks in the room she will shock people with her positivity and sarcastic attitude. whatever you do, DO NOT cross a kaycie, she will cut you hands down. revenge is best served cold to kaycie. she will keep secrets no matter what they are, unless its her bestfriend,she has to tell her bestfriend cause that is her sister! you can tell her anything and she will understand and make you feel so much better. her smile lights up your day and wants you to stay with them forever. a lot of boys like her but never tell her, so people think nobody likes her when thats not the case, shes very flirtatious and is easy to crack on with. but she plays hard to get. when she likes someone she will only like them, she will like them for 6-12 months. shes very resilient and will get what she wants when she wants.
she is gorgeous with a banging personality to pair with it! she must be a kaycie
by psychic1988 July 07, 2018
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