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The most amazing person you will ever meet. GORGEOUS FLAWLESS AWESOME GLORIOUS FANTASTICAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone wants to be her friend. They usually play volleyball. Mostly at Baylor. They love taking pictures and wish they had a twin brother. YAY KAYCI's
Oh my gosh, I just met the coolest boy/girl ever, I wish I could be him/her, he/she was a Kayci.
by NotaKayci): April 25, 2011
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A Kayci is someone you won’t want to loose. He/she usually has beautiful blue eyes and could be the nicest person you know. If you upset a Kayci, he/she will not want to talk to you and you might loose him/her. A Kayci is a fantastic, beautiful, funny, cool, person who is usually popular with a lot of friends. He/she values the people she loves very much. You would definitely want to know a Kayci.
Wow! She is so nice, I bet her name is Kayci.
by Kabobyum September 15, 2018
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she might seem nice at first, but she is a total bitch and only cares about herself. Makes so much drama and will talk behind like everday. So basically, Kayci is a total bitch.
Person one: I want to be friends with Kayci, she seems nice.
by baguettei December 08, 2018
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