Used primarily as an adjective, kaufmann describes an overweening ambition and an eagerness to embrace high risks, whether in the realm of finance, dating, or personal relations. Kaufmann individuals are unafraid of negative consequences and often thrust forward into risky situations with the motto "no guts, no glory."

The term derives from an eponymous mutual fund known for its embrace of risk and its slogan "tough guys finish first."
It would be extremely kaufmann of you to go up to that girl and tell her you'd like to buy her a lollipop.
by Doctor Max July 28, 2012
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Nic Kaufmann is a tiktoker but also known as the cutest little thing ever. He is hot, cute and funny. His eye catching tiktoks are ADDICTING !!!!!!! We totally stan an indian german guy :
noob 1: Who's that hot ass guy on tiktok that makes girls (and maybe guys too) crazy?

noob 2: Oh... Its probably Nic Kaufmann.
by shrasian, shrek yet asian March 8, 2020
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A Kaufmann Special is gently laying your dong on your woman's thigh to initiate.
Frank: Yo, Bob I tried the Kaufmann Special on Julie last night and it worked!
Bob: No way! I never thought that'd work!

sex butthole blowjob initiating
by Muscle Man Andy Slammage April 15, 2016
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An extremely handsome and charming kid. Usually found in Astoria, Queens. He's the dude everyone wants to be around because he's so cool. He's usually funny and makes the girls go crazy over him. There is no questions girls will fall in love with him in a matter of seconds.
Girl: OMG there's Jonathan Kaufmann! -faints
Guy: Im so jealous of Jonathan Kaufmann he gets all the girls.
by jonokauf December 7, 2013
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A rather dumb sort of person with the lowest iq out of his friends although he is quite popular and well known
Person 1: Do you know Ben Kaufmann ?
Person 2: Of course, who doesn’t.
by RealGodFromHevan February 7, 2018
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The general attractiveness scale, however improved. You take how hot the girl is /10, and then take how hot she thinks she is /10, and minus the difference.
'That girl is so hot! Easily an 8/10!'
''Nah, she thinks she's a 10, so using the Kaufmann-Williams Equation she's only a 6'
by itsmewilliams May 5, 2016
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