A female singer who kissed a girl and liked it and who thinks you're gay...
Katy Perry: "I Kissed a girl and I liked it!"
Me: Great for you...
by camouflage442 July 18, 2008
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She is super inspirational. Her song firework really helped me through tough times when my ipod died. Her chorus for firework is so magical when she rhymes boom boom boom with moon moon moon, i die of happiness. Also you you you is rhymed with moon moon moon. Lastly, she tops it off with rhyming ah ah ah with ah ah ah.
"boom boom boom, even brighter then the moon moon moon! It's always been inside of you you you, you'll make 'em go ah ah ah when you shoot across the skah skah skah *cue Katy Perry shooting across sky going "weeee!"* you're gonna leave 'em goin' ah ah ah"
by the belter January 2, 2011
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The act of flashing and then thrusting your genitals in front of someone.
'Im off to the mall to Katy Perry some people'

'Fuck it!, I just got Katy Perried in the changing rooms'
by Suchasaint March 21, 2010
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the act of a girl kissing/making out with another girl.
"Hey Sarah, why don't you go Katy Perry that girl?"
by cupcakekdick August 8, 2009
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Someone who gets a lot of nominations but never wins any of those.

Katy Perry-ied
At the promenade, Karen got nominated for Prom Princess, Most Photogenic, Best Dressed Female and Best Smile.
She never won any of those. She got Katy Perry-ied.

You're such a Katy Perry!
by *j February 27, 2011
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An American recording artist who sings about lesbian relationships, manic depressive disorder, getting married while drunk, and sex on the California beach.
by Rihanyce May 24, 2010
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to "Katy Perry" something was brought upon by an individual that left 8 hours early for a Katy Perry concert and didn't return for two days afterward. Spread throughout the North East, people will pull a Katy Perry when they are have to ditch early and plan on not showing up the next day.
Dude, I will totally be Katy Perrying it after the St Patrick's Day Bruins game.
He pulled a Katy Perry after that show.
We are going to Katy Perry it around 4, I think.
by bbfan123 October 31, 2013
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