A two-faced bitch who, while she does make some catchy songs, is still extremely untalented. She is also apparently a sore loser, as she dedicated her song "You're So Gay!" to the German emo boy-band Tokio Hotel who beat her to the VMA's "Best New Artist of the Year"
Person 1: Did you hear about what Katy Perry did after the VMA awards?

Person 2: No. What did she do?

Person 1: Well this random German emo boy-band called Tokio Hotel won "Best New Artist of the Year" Award and apparently Katy Perry wasn't happy about.

Person 2: Why? What did she do to them?

Person 1: She wanted to win that award. However she didn't so she decided to slander them by dedicating her song "You're So Gay" to them.

Person 2: Wow what a bitch.

Person 1: Yeah I feel sorry for Tokio Hotel, they already have enough people who think they're gay just because the lead singer looks likes a transgender. The last thing they needed was for Katy Perry to slander them.
by eioffnoeerafn November 05, 2010
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An american singer-songwriter with a really crappy first single (I Kissed a Girl) but with other bigger and better songs from her debut album. (such as Hot n Cold, Thinking of You, etc.) Though people might think she's a one-hit wonder, I personally think she could make it big in the music industry if she just jazzes up her music style a bit. Is currently dating Gym Class Heroes member Travis Mccoy. Also has the tendency to invoke girls to have girl crushes on her.
Girl: OMG! Katy Perry's so hot!
Me: erm, wheren't you straight the last time? O.o
by tear_here November 05, 2008
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Katy Perry: Well known z list pre-op transexual who has a fondness for kissing girls. Her 'Cherry Chapstick' is a reference to her withered little tranny dick, not Russell Brand.
Stephen Tyler: 'That dude looks like a lady, oh hold on its Katy Perry!'

Frankie Valli: 'Walk like a man talk like a man, walk like Katy Perry my son'
by Ke$has Minge June 17, 2010
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A shining example of all that is wrong with the modern music industry.
Retardedly simple lyrics, contradictory statements, and whoring herself out through song yet never whoring herself out visually - that is the essence of Katy Perry.
by mynamewastaken February 24, 2009
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An absolutely terrible pop musician. Writes droll and meaningless songs and cannot sing.

Also ate shit at MTV's VMAs after slipping on a cake she had used as a stage prop.
Oh man, Katy Perry just ate shit on stage! That was hilarious!
by imapiratearg October 24, 2008
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Proof that mainstream music audience are idiots with little regard for quality.
If Katy Perry had written a song about anything other than kissing a girl, it wouldn't be in the Top 100, much less a #1.
by JohnJF July 10, 2008
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Person 1: Wow, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel look exactly the same.

Person 2: Yes they do, except that Zooey Deschanel is actually a genuinely talented singer, actress and model who doesnt need to dress and behave like a slut to achieve fame and popularity. Unlike a certain Katy Perry.

Person 1: Lol, yeah.
by oh that dog o mine January 07, 2011
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