Katlin is the most beautiful person In the world. She puts others feelings before hers but still knows her worth. She is quick to tell a person off and will put a person in their place real quick. She is courageous and outgoing. Can be shy at times. Is loyal in all her relationships and never cheats. She is amazing and keeps it 100.
Katlin is amazing and that’s on period
by Bb267 August 26, 2019
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A beautiful and stunning girl. Has made mistakes but always sees past them. Usually has blue eyes and brown hair. Artistic and sensitive. She enjoys holding hands with her lover and photographing friends. If you know a Katlin, you are lucky in the extreme.
Dominic, "I think Katlin's been feeling down lately."
Sydney, "I bet Cracker Jacks and Coke will help, a girl like that should never be down in the dumps! It puts the world at a loss!"
by leeSidneyyeye January 16, 2011
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One of the most amazing GUYS you'll probably ever meet. Always very random and keeping conversations interesting and loves to joke around.

No matter what he does you can never stay mad at him, because once you talk to him you realize how much you really love him.

Is not open about being a player, but can often be one. Most girls fall for him shortly after meeting him, but he makes sure he only keeps around the ones that count.
Mike: Yo! You know Katlin?
Stacy: No, I don't?
Mike: Well damn girl, you're missing out everyone needs to know a katlin.
Stacy:Can I meet him?
Mike: Nah, get your own!
by Essimuoyboy November 20, 2011
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A mispelled form of the girls name Kaitlin or Caitlyn. A lazy person, unwilling to work. Freeloads off of what other hardworking individuals earn. Unable to think independently.
Girl 1: "Hey Katlin! Did you finish your college apps yet?"

Katlin: "No way girl! I'm not going to college. I'd much rather sit around at home freeloading off of my family and friends!"
by truth_001 February 03, 2010
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Katlin is a girl that like guys to much.....I mean a lot of them.....witch ends up in her cheating on all her boyfriends with another dude and ends up doing it with 40 guys....well anyway she’s a hoe.....watch your back guys
Katlin is a boy hunting guy. That you should watch your back around
by Pey1765 May 14, 2018
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