The most beautiful girl you've seen. She's really cute and funny all of the time, and super sarcastic. Some would say she can be kind of an antisocial asshole, but they just don't know her well enough. Although she doesn't seem it sometimes, she's really caring, and super sweet. She's super fashionable and always looks pretty amazing. ;)
Jake - "Man, Kateri is really freaking amazing."
by snake731 October 19, 2013
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a girl that girls want to be like, & boys want to have any girl with the name kateri is extreamly gorgeous and trustworthy. Most girls envy her beauty
by rachelkell September 14, 2011
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The sexiest girl you'll ever meet is very funny and very cool shes the nicest person on the planet and she will love you as long as you love her
Kateri is so thicc and sexy bro
by HeyKateri💓 July 3, 2019
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A great, trust worthy best friend. She is beautiful, brave, and wonderful. She loves Panic! At The Disco and Shane Dawson. Although it may not seem like it, but she is a very caring and understandable friend.
Look Kateri is fan girling over Brendon Urie again
by Katie M 05 April 13, 2019
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Kateri is a girl that is quiet and has a few good friends. She tends to be more social on the internet but avoids social interaction in real life. She is a bookworm and has a talent for art. She is a petite delicate girl and mostly is seen wearing dark colors and likes to stay inside and play video games.
"Kateri is always very quiet."
by Autumn coffee October 13, 2018
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usually a woman who wears really tight pants, is obsessed with her body, and has a speech impediment.
Kateri- "i want you slung on her back in this shcnenario"
by poop23432 February 27, 2007
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A very spooky room at Bellarmine Preparatory School. No one knows what's in there or goes on in there. It's rumored that dead students are stored in the Kateri Room.
Student 1: "Why isn't Jimmy at school today?"

Student 2: "He's probably in the Kateri Room."
by Astrodic January 13, 2020
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