Kassidy is name given to girls of extraordinary charactistics .kassidys are outgoing and exciting .they tend to bottle up there feelings and put on a smile to make her self feel better.Any Kassidy and brighten up your day with one look because there is no doubt she would bust out laughing .kassidys laugh at anything and everything .she is highly intelligent and exceeds all standards by far.kassidys get along best with guys .her best friend will most definitely be a guy that understands her .kassidy stands in a category by herself because no one could replace or take on the role of Kassidy .most definitely one of a kind and if u ever meet of be friend a Kassidy u are very lucky and clearly blessed.
Kassidy-“I’m special”(laughs)
by Kassiekool May 7, 2018
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A fun loving, amazing friend who won't fail to make you smile, she loves art, and is great in school!
If you don't have a kassidy as a friend go and get one!
Girl: what's a word for art loveing
Me: kassidy
by Littlemissfreind13 April 11, 2018
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Kassidy's are fun and outgoing people! They care about everyone, and are great in school, they make lot of friends, and lobe them all so very much! Kassidy's love to laugh, and spend time with family too! They can be shy and nervous at times too.
by flamingos are cool December 23, 2014
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A very kind- hearted, beautiful girl that will always be there for you. Often times they are Irish. She is a very sexy girl with a well rounded personality. They are very funny and love to brighten up your day by just grinning in your direction. Most lovable, huggable, and cuddly creature. I love you Kassidy! Your the most amazing person and friend i could ever hope for.
Guy1: Who's that extremely beautiful creature?
Me: oh that's my best friend Kassidy!
by ilovefun1174 January 27, 2014
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Kassidy is the most sweetest name that has ever been spoken out of a human mouth! Kassidy is helpful,nice,caring, open to meet new friends , and is always there for you when you need someone. Kassidy the type of person that you can share anything with; your darkest secret to the most embarrassing story. If you find a human named kassidy make sure you never let her go and enjoy life
Kassidy is the most amazing girl I've ever met.
by Halfpizza468186 April 17, 2017
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The best name in the world. It means Outgoing, loud, and that she will be friends with everyone :
Kassidy Beth Watson
by kassidychickk July 25, 2008
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Sweetest person in the world, she is a push over but she does everything she can to make the people around her happy. She's a mom and very protective of the people she's close to. She puts herself out there and everyone knows who she is. If your lucky enough to be her friend cherish it and don't let it slip from you. Everyone falls in love with her at sight. She's beautiful but to humble to admit it :) Love you Kass
Kassidy does everything she can even if that means she's the 3rd wheel
by ilovekassidyclub:) February 7, 2010
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