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A girl who can be very socially awkward. Her entire life is on the internet. But, she is super caring and will do anything and everything for her friends. And don't mess with her. On the outside she may seem very innocent but if you delve deeper you will see she is a mastermind. She enjoys music, mostly One Direction of course and rarely spells ANYTHING right. Tending to use text language in real life. She enjoys long walks to the fridge and will hold your heart with everything she has, as long as she can still type of course. Pronounced Care- Uh. Not Car- Uh.
"Who is that?"
"Who, the girl with Big Bang Theory playing and a thing of Oreos next to her?"
"Oh, only the best person on the world. Her name is Karra."
by MewtanaAgain November 29, 2013
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A very original Greek last name. The Karras lastr name can be traced back to Spartan history. People with the Karras last name, tend to have "qualities of a warrior", and are very aggressive. Other people with the Karras last name on the other hand, like Alex Karras (famous Greek singer) are what you call poustithi.

If you ever see a Karras, befriend them, because they will protect you from evil people such as robbers, Persians, gay people, bikies, gay Persians, terrorists, rednecks, Jin Kazama, Asians and gay scout leaders.
{Example 1}
Mom:"Sally, who is your new friend?"
Sally:"Oh his name is Yanni Karras."
Mom:"Did you say Karras?"
Sally:"Yeah, and you should have seen, these Persians came up to us and he smashed them. Then these gay guys came up to us asking for the cure for aids, and he smashed them."
Mom:"Tell your father we have found our son-in-law."

{Example 2}
Persian Man:"I sell you Sonay TV for $10. It's like Sony, but better!"
Karras:"Get the fuck out of my way!" (Grabs Persian by the neck and throws him at a gay scout leader)
by Karuncha December 16, 2009
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my very loving beautiful bestfriend. i call her daddy and shes very smol. I love my very weird best daddy
via giphy
by easybih June 03, 2018
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the word in Greek, with the (') on the first a, indicates a person that is so lazy, do nothing all day except of downloading and watching porn and playing games on the pc (like dota). He also complains all the time that he never gets laid (he has to move off the pc to do that) and he can't find someone (female) to like.
look what you did you fucking karra...
mase telleia karras reeeee
by April 04, 2008
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Karra is an Amazing, beautiful, and very pretty person she’s always there for you and shows her feelings
Man 1: Man i gotta fat crush on karra
Man 2: I can see why!
by ohyes June 05, 2019
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