Really nice, and funny person who has a lot a friends. They are smart and gets good grades most of the time. They are beautiful on the inside and out, but doesnt know it. She doubts herself a lot, and doesnt know how good her life really is. Consider yourself lucky to have a Karlyn in your life.
Wow, look over at that beautiful girl.
Oh yeah, that is Karlyn.
by 8123940 November 21, 2010
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A Karlyn is a girl who is very beautiful in and out! She just sometimes doesn’t believe that. She gets sad but doesn’t normally cry. She doubts herself way to much. When a Karlyn apologizes, she really means it and doesn’t just say it for nothing. She’s very intelligent. She extremely funny and laughs at almost everything.She gets nervous at times and can’t control it. If you don’t have a Karlyn as your friend or in your life, then life you be so boring for you.
Omg Karlyn!
Karlyn your so funny!
I miss you Karlyn!
by Hailyyyyyy March 05, 2018
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A Karlyn is someone who is drop-dead gorgeous, she always has other people's best interest in mind and tries to please them usually before herself. She knows how to love unconditionally and has a smile that will take your breath away. Her personality is radiant and outgoing.
"That girl seems pretty cool."
"Yeah, we hung out last night she is such a Karlyn."
by Sam242424 October 13, 2011
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'Karlyn' is a term used to describe those whom wish could be of the opposite gender. 'Karlyn's' wish to believe that Levi, a character from the overrated show, Attack on Titan, was of the real world. They blame everything on their parents and is very hostile towards heterosexuals. They are generally rude and a terrible person. If a 'Karlyn' were to die nobody in the world would give a damn.

Fuck Karlyn, heh, more like, FERMENTED DOG SHIT
Big brain gamer: Bro you such a Karlyn.
Baby Virgin: Guess I'll die.
by AnEpicGamerB) June 17, 2020
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A karlyn is someone who is extremely smart and beautiful. They are a great friend and an all around awesome person. You are lucky if you have a karlyn in your life.
"So your new friend seems really nice"
"ya, she is."
"Is she a karlyn?"
"for sure."
by Jojo12345 January 28, 2009
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Karlyne is an insanely hot, gorgeous girl which all the boys want. She makes every other girl jealous because shes the whole package:looks, intellegance, funny, and much more. Shes got amazing boobs and booty, shes very thin but has amazing curves which makes every boy drule.
Woah, look at that hot girl, shes definatly a Karlyne.
by Staaah December 07, 2010
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A karlyn is someone who is pure dolly, i.e. rely stupit. So stupit in fact that they cant write the word stupid (or really).
"Woah did you just call me rely stupit? god youre such a karlyn"
by Oinktastic December 14, 2004
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