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Family friendly fun. CBT is a great exercise that can give you a better life.
by AnEpicGamerB) September 08, 2020
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'Karlyn' is a term used to describe those whom wish could be of the opposite gender. 'Karlyn's' wish to believe that Levi, a character from the overrated show, Attack on Titan, was of the real world. They blame everything on their parents and is very hostile towards heterosexuals. They are generally rude and a terrible person. If a 'Karlyn' were to die nobody in the world would give a damn.

Fuck Karlyn, heh, more like, FERMENTED DOG SHIT
Big brain gamer: Bro you such a Karlyn.
Baby Virgin: Guess I'll die.
by AnEpicGamerB) June 17, 2020
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