An idiot's way to spell drooling. An example of the lack of ability to spell simple English words by today's uneducated society.
When the girl saw me say I was druling over her sexy photo on Facebook, she immediately messaged me ands told me I was an uneducated waste of life and deleted me. Now I'll never have the chance to suck her toes. :(
by Darthmarillion January 6, 2014
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Hip, Stylish Urban Clothing designed and sold on the west coast.
by Mr Partyguy May 3, 2009
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Drules are rules that your father makes. They are specific by that that most of them are similar or same like: “No boys alowed” or “Don’t be late”
kid- “This drules are killing they are soo boring they are uselles”
by magmagxo August 12, 2019
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The additional piss that falls from your dick when forgetting to shake it off, which usually drips onto the pants of the victim leaving a stain looking like your pecker just druled and for everyone at the party to humiliate you.
"SHIT! i got some pecker drule on my jeans, i guess i'll just wait in the bathroom until that shit dries up, wheres my natty light."

Victim-"Yoo look, i got some pecker drule on my jeans... pleassse don't tell anyone man, that shit is embarrassing!"

Friend-"Heyyyy everyone, look, this little bitch over here forgot to shake his dick( 3 times only, any more shakes and your beating off) and got pecker drule all over himself."

Victim-"You asshole"
by Draggggs April 19, 2011
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