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Germanic/Scandinavian for feminine, or womanly.

A woman of great elegance, beauty, and intelligence.

Shy, sensitive, gentle, patient,lively and

exhibitionist, sometimes hiding the

considerable depths of their character,

under a cloak of frivolity.
A graceful dancer, known to cast magick spells with the

rhythm of her feet, and swaying of her hips. An amazing,

and insatiable lover, always eager to learn more.

Enchanting eyes, that will pull you into their depths,
as she surrounds you with the warmth of her smile.

Loyal to her friends, and lovers, she will never betray your trust.
Karleen is the biggest mynx alive, soooo damn sexy but also very weird.
by Saqqqara February 04, 2010
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The most beautiful person in the entire world. She is the best friend that anybody could ask for, and is nice to absolutely everyone. She could make you feel better in an instant no matter what. She is absolutely amazing. And I love her to death
Cute Boy: Hey you know Karleen?

Gorgeous Boy: Dude yeah if I ever had a chance with her, I would be the luckiest guy ever
by This was your best friend. November 23, 2010
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