Cutest girl you'll ever meet. Weird and goofy. Small and quiet. Friendly and always there for you. Often unknown.
by Justicelewgues March 14, 2017
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Kariya is a very special being, whose decision will effect the entire world. Whatever major or minor event that may happen in the world, kariya always has a say in it.
Kariya is imaginitive, whatever kariya do they do it right. Kariya likes to do what others have already done. Kariya is a time waster and very tiresome to look at. Whatever they say will happen, the complete opposite will happen.
Nuran :- Kariya ohommamai
by Yaissme January 13, 2022
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SINHALESE INSULT: sperm, semen, pervert
Tom is the kariya who fucked my girl!!
by Gal Master October 18, 2007
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Someone who is short, fat and dark. Might suffer from high BP , baldness and low sperm account. Looks for positive vibes everywhere and is completely judgemental.
This makes the person always complaining and full of negative thoughts.
Why do you complain so much, don't be a Kariya Mandal.
by NishantMMA March 6, 2019
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