An area code in Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Characterized by a population that can not order numbers correctly.

A form of Michigan dyslexia.
Did you hear that guy count to 10, must be a 231.
by scanner1 May 11, 2011
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Traverse city michigan. 231 is the area code, its the illest place besides detroit in the state. Tha 231 Killaz rap group hail from there. one member live in da 517(lansing) cuz he gettin his education on at MSU. Tc is the churry capital of tha world too churry meaning breezies, or hoes. hot white bitches
homie1: dude you been to da churry capital?231?
homie2: naw man but i got me some bathin apes soldier boy! birds!
oh shit
by tcdick October 10, 2006
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If the franchise is more than five years old and still being made - then there is a themed Monopoly for it.
I had no idea Pokemon was that old? Yeah, rule 231 in action; Pokemon Monopoly has been out for a while.

The Expanse is getting a fourth series can we count on rule 231? A Monopoly version in time for Christmas?
by Manx Andrew October 17, 2017
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The most fucking unreal class on the planet. Although boring as fuck, and has no hot and horny girls!!!
Fuck, this Biology 231 class is fucking bawls
by Bogatyrov March 02, 2009
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