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1. (Adj) The art of playing baseball while acting like a complete douche bag. Often shortened and used as "acting like a Royal."
2. The act of flexing your muscles and or touching your forearms after hitting a broken bat single or bullshit infield single.
3. Being a pitch runner that talks so much crap that you think your an NFL corner back.
4. Scoring a run off of 2 infield hits.
5. Generally sucking for 231 years, getting lucky for two weeks, then talking trash like you actually matter.

6. Being a fat ass with BBQ stains on your shirt
1. You play softball like a Kansas City Royal.
2. "I promise to poke my own eyes out if I have to watch Eric Hosmer act like a Royal on first base."
3. Quit acting like a royal! You can't hit and you talk crap like you Richard Sherman.

4. Somehow, by the luck of George Brett, you scored a run off of 2 infield hits. Stop talking crap.

5. The Kansas City Royals are just acting like the pathetic children we knew they were.

6. Hey Royal! Change your shirt you slob. Andy Reid would be ashamed of your slovenly appearance.
by Ihateeveryoneincludingyou October 17, 2014
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Pennsylvania Dutch slang for taking someone to fistville
We Oosterhout those two spicks who crashed our town barn raising party
by Ihateeveryoneincludingyou July 03, 2010
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