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Having or possesing a larger then average penis. Usally meaning your hung like a horse, or it tickles your knee, or you even have to tuck it in your sock.
Damn that boy jimmy smith has a big wood. And god damnit i wanna blow it a couple of times! :o)
by Mr.AdAmS November 25, 2007
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Jokes character at parties, accompanied by danger on long drinking missions, never caught not drinking or smoking pops at a social gathering...unless without weed, therefore, mooching is necessary. Is going to have a better snowboard part in BC 2009... YEA reppin GreenTree Productions

Refer to: dean, much alike
"Oh hey Bigwood!"
"No really Bigwood's my last name."
by BIG_DUBS July 20, 2008
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Jokes character at parties, a drinker, to say the least. Wont turn down any drinking dare. Obnoxious, Rowdy, and Destructive. Nothing less.
"No really Bigwood's my last name"
"Hey Bigwood! Don't Jump off of there!"
by Big to the wood December 18, 2008
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