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The feeling you get after your got hit in the face with a pile of shit
I feel so kamus after my Ex threw a huge turd at my face
by the_guy123 December 20, 2009
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Kam/u. n.
Kamu is a rare, ancient breed of a legendary space whale. These whales have been known to travel across space and time in search of there master Cameron. The intergalactic whale seem to only reveal themselves to the man with the name Cameron. Researchers gather from all over the world to try and acquire any information on the whale, but only those with the name Cameron are able to share any known data on these mythical creatures. Much like a normal whale blows water out of there blowhole, Kamu the whales blow the blood of their enemies out of a pentagram shaped blowhole. Many believe the dark lord Lucifer made these whales for the demon Cameron as a gift, but they were too powerful to be kept. So Satan himself felt threatened by the intense power and lodged the whales into a far galaxy. Ever since then the whales have migrated through space in search for the mighty leader Cameron.
"Houston we have a problem, kamu the whale is destroying the lunar wayne shaft."

"Hey Ben did you see that Kamu?"

"What the fuck are you talking about Cameron?"
by Terver September 03, 2016
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A village on the Landsay Sang River in the north-eastern Nurestan province of Afghanistan.
Kamu is an actual real place a few hundred soldiers have been there.
by Old Man Thunder 6/4 September 26, 2010
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