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Kamminess comes from a Kammi girl.
Kammi may not be known or understood by everyone, however everyone that gets to know her will love her and understand “What is Kamminess?”

Kammi has passion of her beliefs yet a curious mind that is always looking for greatness in what is real, she has a benevolent soul and brilliant mind.

Kamminess is a “Drop Dead Gorgeous” beautiful woman and has the righteousness of an angel.

Kamminess is equaly as much in action than in physical perfection, her beauty is realized through the interactions with her surroundings. Kamminess is dynamic in Kammi
Kamminess` Kind, Adorable Magnificent, Masterful, Intelligent, Naughty, Excellent, Sweetheart, Sexy.
Kamminess in woman is Impressive Knowledgeable kissable sweet sassy spirited incredible beautiful subtle professional strong athletic responsible motherly passionate seductive inquisitive careful daring adventurous curious mentoring fashionable outgoing learning forgiving loving steadfast leading philanthropic political traveling conscientious attentive

Kamminess the best way to say “I love that chick”
That chick has Kamminess
by IAGood October 15, 2013
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