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Kallista is a name meaning 'Most beautiful'.

Kallista's are all unique; rarely meeting someone else with the same name.
People who have this name tend to feel happy that they don't have the same name as anyone else that they know.
Kallista is said like Kal-lis-ta
I love the name Kallista, it is so unique!
by Poppyred94 May 17, 2011
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A creative girl with an amazing talent. Loves music and has a intimidating demeanor. A demeanor that she emits because she's a badass. Loyal, caring, creative. She slays all. :)
This girl must be a Kallista
by bark25 June 04, 2018
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A creative girl with talent. Loyal always and truly amazing. There is no other like a Kallista.
She’s so good, she must be a Kallista.
by bark25 June 06, 2018
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The Kallista family in Australia (from Estonia) is one of the most amazing families you will ever meet. At the head of our family is our beloved Ema who sacrificed all for our life in Australia. Whilst we may all live across the country, our family gatherings draw us together to celebrate our family. A Kallista is always true to their word and those who claim victim of us do not truly know who we are.

Kallista means "To show affection" and if you are to ever meet one us you will find a person who loves deeply and is loyal forever.
Kallista - our family.
by kallistaklan November 07, 2014
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Kallista means “most beautiful one”
Kallista’s are strong and powerful yet sweet and kind. Kallista’s have a very unique name. Kallista’s are very hot and thick and any guy would be EXTREMELY lucky to have a Kallista.
“ Look how pretty Kallista is”

NO KIDDING! Her name is Kallista for a reason
by Mostbeautifulone February 20, 2019
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This is a nickname for blood hungry sluts known for snatching up boyfriends. Kallistas usually take them out for coffee or to the movies and convince your boyfriend not to tell you. As the the Kallista gains the mens' trust, she tricks them into thinking that she is better than you and that you're an awful person. Although Kallistas are experts in boyfriend-snatching, they are known to be hideous creatures.
You: My 2 year relationship is over. Out of nowhere, poof!
Friend: Oh my god! Why?! What happened?
You: A Kallista got a hold of him. I wish I could have protected him from it.
by VictimofaKallista December 13, 2010
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Usually adopted, sometimes retarded, they aren’t smart and smell like dog shit
She stinks, must be a Kallista
by worldisabadplace May 29, 2018
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