Is the most beautiful sarcastic women in the world she will make you laugh, she'll be with you through your ups and downs, if she ever has kids shell be a fantastic mother. She give her all to anyone don't matter how cruel they are. kaisha laughs at all her haters. She doesn't care what they think of her cause that makes her stronger.
i wish i had a loyal female like kaisha
by zamzaadywiththezonkeyzick June 13, 2018
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Awesome hot amazing girl who loves her friends but will have tiffs with them sometimes and people will give her crap because they are totally jealous of her majesty even though she has an attitude she is strong and loyal and funny
see her she just won that huge art trophy

yeahi know her thats kaisha
by diemozziedie November 14, 2011
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A girl who's been through a lot of hardships in life ,but always acts like shes fine so no one will be worried about her. She has the most amazing smile, but its not a genuine one. Her smile hides all the pain she has inside. She just wants someone to understand and be there for her like no other. She just wants love. She focuses on everyone else putting herself last. She beautiful, talented, smart, intelligent, gentle, loving, caring, and fun to be around. No one word could describe her perfectly.
I wish I had a Kaisha, when will she ever come?
by theonlygirlwhospeaksthetruth21 October 09, 2018
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A very stupid act of kindness
"Dude, I totally pulled a kaisha by giving that bum a dollar."
by Victor M January 10, 2005
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Kaisha is by far the funniest girl that you will ever have the pleasure of meeting in your lifetime. She’s not a fan of public speaking or being in the spotlight, but she is definitely not an introvert! She has a large group of friends, but only a select few are truly special to her. Once Kaisha has your back, you’ll never lose her. She has trouble holding a grudge, which can sometimes be her most fatal flaw, as she forgives to early. Her humour is very abstract, and simply making eye contact with her will send her into a fit of giggles.
Oh yeah, and she always has a gay best friend.
Let’s not forget the physical advantages of being Kaisha. Though she is extremely insecure about her body, Kaisha has the perfect body image. Not fat, not thin, and her hips are to DIE for!
“Hey, it’s Kaisha!”
“Man, she’s hilarious.”
“Boy do I wish I could get on those hips!”
by dylanthedino June 13, 2019
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