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Kaileigh is a wonderful girl.she is a daymaker. Kaileigh has some thicc ass thighs and a good personality. She is the type of girl to be really shy but deep down is a hella freaky girl.She is a very good friend and is defiantly girlfriend material. She is an outgoing person and has a biggo ass. Kaileigh is always there for you when you need her.She can be really talkative and funny. she always wears something cute and always gets shy when she is by her crush or someone cute.She has a personality that makes everyone smile. She loves spending quality time with her friends & the one she loves.kaileigh is a pretty lit ass girl.Shes beautiful and is always down for an adventure. She has a great humor and is just a wonderful person.Kaileigh is usually in the popular side of the school and gets along with mainly anyone.But dont get to clingy,she will fight a bitch if she has too.Besides being on her bad side ,She is very nice and just a gourges girl in general. If she is your friend your a lucky person.
"Dude kaileigh has some thicc thighs"
"Omg I love kaileigh so much!"
"Shes such a good friend"
by Bitchniggas12220 October 18, 2018
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Is a name given to those who are amazingly beautiful.

Kai-Leigh's are unique, funny, witty and clever individuals.

They make the best kind of friends and are always there for you.

If Kai-Leigh calls you her friend you are extremely lucky.
Kai-Leigh is a variant of the beautiful name Kayleigh popularised by the song of the same name that reached number 2 as a UK hit for British Prog Rock band Marillion in 1985.
by Cnumb February 05, 2010
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a beautiful blonde babe, most likely a cheerleader, or in general, very athletic. with killer eyes and a sexy body. a Kaileigh is perfect girlfriend material.
"i heard you took Kaileigh to the movies last night"
"yeah im in love with that girl"
by niggabeef September 01, 2013
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The sweetest person to ever exist, dyes their hair often, so many cute freckles, cute with Bekka
Oml, have you seen Kaileigh earlier?
by LemonPaste132 May 02, 2018
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awesome blue eyes and they're partially grey
they're usually nice and a good person to confide in
mostly have a small nose, mouse like
they're pretty
they're the shit
person 1: did you see that girl? she's so pretty
person 2: oh yeah that's kaileigh... she's the shit!!

person 1: i want to meet someone who's nice, awesome and has a mouse nose

person 2: that's a kaileigh!
by slappinhoez789 May 21, 2010
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A big booty bitch and she has the best personality around she is a outgoing and as skinny as a peice of paper
I took kaileigh out to the best beach
by BigDaddy6ix9ine September 24, 2018
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the greatest person ever, super caring and loving to all of her friends and those who she doesn't even know. she is the sweetest chick and everyone that truly knows her loves her. she is so beautiful and such an edgy boi. she a thot but we all love her tbh. kinky whore
guy 1- u see that thicky over there?
guy 2- yeah bro, gotta be a kaileigh
by kinky_thot November 20, 2018
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