Usually a girl who has been through a lot. Sweet to most people, but if she doesn't like you, she DOES NOT like you. She's typically on the short side, and is someone you can always come to with a problem.
I'm glad I have a Kaleigh in my life
by Wasabi Witch July 10, 2013
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The best homie everrrr. You’d be glad to have her as a homie, even if u try and break our homie bond it won’t because she’s my homie and always will be.🔥
Yep that’s Kaleigh
by It ur boi November 24, 2017
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Kaleigh is literally a great friend she has a great personality...Kaleigh is the kind of person that you would always want have around when you're feeling down. Kaleigh has a great sense of style and is always there to help you with some fashion pointers:) kaleigh is not only all of the things I listed above she is also my bestfriend....we have a bunch of great inside jokes, and we have a bunch of memories👍🏼 Kaleigh is a friend that you will have for a very long time!
Kaleigh is a gr8 friend!
by LP:) April 11, 2017
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A gorgeous, Person who is a great friend, with an amazing personality.
That Kaleigh has everything :)
by HannahBanana16 January 2, 2009
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The perfect girl. The girl it hurts to love. The girl who will break you heart in every amazing way, only to mend it back with her love. She's beautiful... The most beautiful girl that I've ever laid eyes on. Even when she's not trying, she's beautiful... She will make you fall in love with her from the second she says "Hello". I know I did... She's the girl that you just want to give everything to... And trust me, you do. She's the girl that will take all your pain and fears away, yet give you twice as many in fear of losing her... You almost can't help but to be jealous of any attention that she gives to any other person. You just want it all, all the time. You just can't help it. You'd risk your life for such perfection. In a sense, I have ;P You'd do anything for this girl's attention, caringness, and love... And when you get it, you are complete... I love you, Kaleigh...
Marry me, Kaleigh...
by Your Knight =) February 3, 2010
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Kaleigh is a girl you'd be lucky to have in your life. she is beautiful, outgoing, and passionate. she has a zero bullshit tolerance. She loves her friends like family. she is very social ,everybody loves a kaleigh. she's a talker, but also a great listener. she is popular. Kaleigh's always get what they want. Kaleigh's are princesses and should be treated as such. Kaleigh's are always the life of the party, and no matter what you are doing, you will always have fun with a kaleigh around. everybody loves kaleigh. Kaleigh's are very girly, fashionable and trendy. They have big dreams and go for them. Kaleigh's have dreams too big for small towns. they are stunning, all kaleighs are stunning. She loves fiercely, and doesn't trust many. those who are good friends with a kaleigh are very lucky.
" whose going to the party?"
"i know kaleighs goin"
" hell ya ill be there"

" Kaleigh can be such a bitch but you cant help but love her"

"kaleigh is awesome"

"shes so sweet i just love kaleigh"
by jake masters December 10, 2012
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A beautiful, intelligent girl with a quirky side. Kaleighs are very outgoing and friendly, but they have bad tempers. They are destined to marry hot football players. Kaleighs always get what they want. Some are evil and moody, but most are friendly and sweet.
Kaleigh is amazing.
by cantspellsuckswithout_USC January 8, 2010
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