Pure, and beautiful. Loud and outgoing. Gets what she wants. Huge smile.
Her name must be Kaia!
by mommabear84 February 14, 2015
Kaia is the kindest girl you’ll ever meet. She’s so funny and intelligent. She sticks up for her friends so matter what has happened. She is athletic and loves music! Kaia takes time out of her day to check up on people. Get you a Kaia!
Kaia, can you please get me some chocolate milk?
by Despacito February 14, 2019
Someone named Kaia is a very smart, beautiful, handsome and intelligent kind of person. They limit their hobbies and think about answers carefully most of the time they're right. They will get so concerned over you if you look either sad, mad, confused so basically anything other than happy. Kaia is very intertaining to be with and always has something to talk about. They are the best boyfriend/girlfriend you could ever get, so if you hear that someone named Kaia likes you then go for it. They will stay with you for along time. They wilk show you so much love and affection, you won't even be able to keep up with it. When Kaia is in a relationship they mostly are the ones that want to hold your hand, head on shoulder and all that stuff, so if you dont act soon then they'll do it for you :💖
And also if you like/love Kaia and she/hes with another girl/boy atm then just let them be. If they break up then go for it. But don't try flirting with Kaia or anything because you already had your chance...
Hey look, they have a great personality. Must be named 'Kaia'
by mysmeslover October 18, 2019
coolest person, really energetic (kind of scary) but overall really cool.
who is that oh wait its Kaia.
by bich niga July 10, 2018
The greatest person who every walk the face of the planet, besides Bob Marley.
You just banged alto of chicks and your friend walks up to and says that your a Kaia.
Sometimes an asshole but most of the time is messing around kaia she’s an extrovert who most of the time likes to talk to friends sometimes she likes to go by kai because she isnt too girly she likes video games and gets along with almost everyone. She is also artistic and loves hobbies she stays inside a lot and loves to talk or even yell.
Woah dude she is such a kaia!
by TheOGkaia March 30, 2019
When someone forcefully pulls in a man's head with their hands as they get ready to smooch them aka how Kaia often did in MTV's The Real World Hawaii in 1999.
She pulled a Kaia as she kissed him goodnight in the car.
by SquirmyMouse January 2, 2022