Insert the usb with a presentation, we're gona have a HOT KSS right now, folks!
by greenleaf jam November 24, 2017
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KSS stands for Kwalikum Secondary School and also stands as a substitution for torture. First originating at the bottom of the world in what is now known as Hell itself, KSS is one of the oldest torture methods.
"Hey Elijah I haven't seen you since seventh grade! Where did you go?"
"I'm so sorry I never knew is there anything I can do for you?"
by Grunk Argo December 10, 2021
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a simple way to tell someone on urbandictionary they try to act smart: keep shit simple.

What the fuck is up with all these long ass definitions? Some of them are copied directly from if we wanted to see a copy/paste from, we'd go there ourselves fucktarts.
definition of liberal:
*insert block of nonsense here*

KSS idiot.
by stan marsh August 17, 2004
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to make out softly then to
will you kss him when he comes over
by james bond April 4, 2004
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A sexual position in which partner A is preforming fellatio to partner B. Both partners in this scenario are taking turns hitting a vape.
Hey did you see Annie?
No why?
She was doing the old "Kss Position" on Todd
by Grunk Argo December 4, 2021
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