When a gay man is on his knees about to give head, the intended recipient slaps his semi erect penis on each shoulder as if knighting the blower for his services to men. Often accompanied by the phrase "I dub thee sir cock sucker"
After years of being curious, Brian finally became a knight of the pink realm after Simon slapped his pork sword on both of his shoulders before giving him a mouthful of man fat.

He was glad he had received his "Pink Knighthood" from the "Queen".
by Bradford Shopper December 3, 2009
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One of the friendliest RuneScape skilling clans.
"Hey Dave, are you going to that Clan Knighthood event later?"
"Sure am Bob, it's going to be great!"
by Liverk July 5, 2009
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To have the recipient on their knees, hold onto their ears and ejaculate in the mouth, once finished pull out and wipe the tip first on the right shoulder then the left.
by TimthePervert July 10, 2019
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