To celebrate every single minuscule action as if it were the greatest shit on earth; usually done by pounding on one's own chest until it bruises and screaming as if being ass-raped by King Kong with NO lube. As performed by Celtics Forward Kevin Garnett AKA The Big Choker.
Damn, John, I just made a lay-up... I'm gonna KG that! **primal screams + chest pounds**

Steve, if KG looks like an idiot when he does it, what makes you think you're going to look any better?
by RJeezy Von Z June 2, 2008
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Typically a redneck term depicting an African American in an unflattering manner. KG is short for the first letters of the two words "Knee and Grow", an alternate spin on the spelling of the word "negro".
"Hey Brian check out that filthy KG looking to buy that property next door, that sure going kill our property values."


"Glen was going to pick up some wings at KFC, but ended up going for pizza instead because the KFC was full of cunnerman and KG's"


"Paige, why can't you ever date someone other than a KG, there are plenty of white guys around"
by Counterman August 22, 2007
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The act of licking the sensitive area between the ball sac and the anus.
I almost exploded when they pulled out a KG on me!
by Byrnesy November 7, 2006
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KGS; kooks going shories can refer to either 1 or more boogie boarders attempting to ride shore dumpers at the beach to try and look cool. Their style can be seen as unique by having both hands holding the front of the board referred to as "bus driving"
surfer boy 1: man look at those lads kgs reppin.

surfer boy 2: hahaha what a bunch of fags
by kgsoner March 21, 2008
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Korean guys acting gay together, but are actually straight. Stands for Korean Gay Syndrome.
person 1- look at those Korean guys, they must be gay!
person 2- nah, it's just KGS.
by kgs. August 20, 2010
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An abbreviation very famously used for : Kala Ghodz

KG has become a 'go-to' word when talking to/about HB among the three musketeers.

KG is so powerful that the other two musketeers never fail to get amazed by its powers and the things it can accomplish, things which are beyond a common man's dreams.

Kudos to KG!!
KG live long forever
KG kayam rahe!

Jai KG
HB's KG is so powerful.
Its KG's impact!
by Phoenixk1434 April 7, 2022
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